Zoom F8 – Multi-track 8-channel recorder mixer

The Zoom F8 multi-track recorder is designed for professional set and field applications. The unit features eight analog input channels with a lockable XLR / TRS combo jack providing + 75dB of input gain and with a noise floor of less than 127 dBu. It is possible to record up to 10 tracks simultaneously or up to eight channels during recording to A / D converters with a resolution of 24 bit / 192 khz. Alternatively, you can record files in a double channel to make sure you have backup recordings to use when unexpected noises distort the primary recording. The newly designed limiter provides up to 10db of headroom. The unit supports SMPTE time code input and output. A 100 mW +100 mW headphone jack is included as well as the MAIN OUT 1/2 for connections to external mixers and SUB OUT 1/2 for connection to a camera. Each input has an independent phantom power of + 24 / + 48 V, while the onboard mixer controls all inputs, outputs and pre / post fader settings. The Zoom multi track recorder can be powered by an external battery pack, a 12V power supply or, alternatively, with 8 AA batteries. The two SDXC card slots can be used simultaneously for recording longer sessions and can also be used as card readers when connected to a computer via USB. When operated via USB, the unit can be used in a 2-in / 2-out configuration as well as the 8-in / 4-out audio interface (driver required for windows). A built-in microphone allows you to make voice memos. Among the most innovative features of the Zoom F8 recorder is the support for interchangeable microphone capsules.

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